Aleph Bet Jewish and Hebrew Education Programs in Victoria BC

our classroom environment

  • Our classroom is clean and organized, warm, inviting and child friendly
  • The learning environment is visually attractive with the style and materials combining Aleph Bet and Montessori tools of learning
  • Children love to learn in this positive atmosphere
  • Every child works at his/her own pace with one-on-one guidance from the teachers
  • Children learn how to interact in a respectful manner
  • Children respect each other's differences, abilities, work and work space
  • We embrace all children from different backgrounds of Jewish Practice

Through multimedia experiences, art projects, textbooks and other Montessori and educational tools, Jewish children learn Hebrew, and explore their Jewish heritage while having lots of fun. With a warm friendly atmosphere, children will gain a confident Jewish identity and increase their knowledge of Jewish history, holidays, the Jewish life cycle, values and ethics and more.

did you know?

Hebrew: The alphabet was first made common by the 22 letters of the Phoenicians, about 3000 years ago. The Phoenicians lived just north of Canaan (Israel), and the early people of the land of Canaan (Hebrew speakers) used the Phoenician, Semitic, right-to-left alphabet exactly as the Phoenicians did, with the exact same characters. While the Phoenician written culture did not continue throughout history, the Hebrew/Jewish written culture did, beginning with the Hebrew bible, and continuing with a huge history of written Hebrew culture down to the present day.