Aleph Bet Jewish and Hebrew Education Programs in Victoria BC

benefits for our students

  • Knowledge and understanding of the Hebrew language
  • Love for Jewish traditions
  • Enthusiasm for learning
  • Respect for self and others
  • Develop the child into a confident competent individual
  • In young children especially, physical development of fine motor skills that are needed later in academic subject
  • Better concentration
  • Developing a sense of order

why learn the hebrew language?

  • Hebrew is one of the oldest continually used writing systems/languages in use to this day. It provides the best opportunity to come to the deepest roots of the written culture of humanity.
  • Learning the Hebrew writing system (in addition to a left-to-right writing system such as that found in English) is a way which provides the widest possible range of mental/thought development. Human thought is developed through reading and writing. Those who limit their reading and writing to only one writing system, are essentially limiting their minds' ability to comprehend the world (via human thought) using all of the available options.
  • Learning Hebrew helps students to get in touch with their roots and to understand their own culture. Besides being the language of Israel, Hebrew is studied by the Jewish people throughout the world. It is the language of the Jewish scriptures and central to Jewish religious practice. The reading and services of the Torah are guided by the Jewish prayer book, also written in Hebrew.
  • Since Hebrew is the main language spoken in Israel, learning it gives the opportunity for traveling and better communicating in Israel.
  • Learning Hebrew helps children gain all the benefits of learning a foreign language.

did you know?

Because learning a language involves a variety of learning skills, studying a foreign language can enhance one's ability to learn and function in several other areas. Children who have studied a language at the elementary level score higher on tests in reading, language arts, and math. People who have learned foreign languages show greater cognitive development in areas such as mental flexibility, creativity, and higher order thinking skills, such as problem-solving, conceptualizing, and reasoning.