Aleph Bet Jewish and Hebrew Education Programs in Victoria BC

a few words about us

We are dedicated to sparking the interest of every child we teach...

Our combined Alef Bet Jewish Montessori programs provide a variety of educational materials and experiences which are designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration while providing one-on-one guidance from the teachers.

Here the child experiences the blend of freedom and discipline to act and develop along the lines of his/her own inner direction. We provide materials that aid in the refinement of the child's senses so that they will better serve her/his intellect and contribute to his/her independence and self-esteem.
We are dedicated to sparking the interest of every child we teach. We will foster in them a love for learning and discovering of the Hebrew language and the Jewish Heritage that will last a lifetime. At the same time, they will develop awareness of self-respect, respect for others and personal responsibility for contributing in a positive way to their community and the world.

who comes to aleph bet

Our Alef Bet and Jewish Montessori programs are great for:
  • 1. Jewish children ages 3-6 in our Preschool program.
  • 2. Jewish children who study in a public school and are interested in learning Hebrew and about their Jewish heritage.
  • 3. Pre-Bat/Bar Mitzvah who are interested in learning basic Hebrew reading as a preparation course to learning Haftara with a rabbi/ cantor.
  • 4. Children who are currently enrolled in Judaic studies and need some extra help in subjects of the Hebrew curriculum.
  • 5. An enrichment program for every Jewish child.
  • 6. Young adults who have acquired basic knowledge of the Hebrew language and would like to maintain and improve their skills in speaking and writing Hebrew.


Ora Stefanic, owner of Alef Bet, is known to her students as "Morah Ora". With her love of teaching and passion for the Hebrew language and Judaism, Morah Ora has spent many of the last 17 years helping to educate Jewish children and adults in Victoria, Sarnia, and Nova Scotia. She is a Certified Montessori teacher.

Our staff members are experienced, caring, love teaching and are dedicated to every child.